Bouncer of the month: Connor from Sinners

He’s a big softy really

Last time we brought you Pete from Soho Rooms. But this month’s Bouncer is from one of the most well known bars in Newcastle.

Sinners bar is one of the most notorious bars in the city. If you haven’t been there, are you really a Newcastle student? The unsung heroes of any night out are the bouncers whether you like it or not, they are always looking out for you.

Meeting Connor from Sinners made me forget every preconception I had about Bouncers. Behind the exterior, he was a big softy who loves his job because he “wants to protect people when they are drunk.”

I went to see what stories he had from soberly observing our drunken antics.

How long have you been working as a bouncer?

Since I was 18, so four years.

What is one of the maddest memories you have from working as a bouncer?

When I was working and a guy kicking off at me and cause he was annoyed he decided to strip out of everything he had on, so he was fully naked and we had to get the police and everything- it’s probably one of the things I remember most.

What made you want to be a bouncer?

I had a bad childhood but I just wanted to grow up and protect people when they’re drunk, like young people, students, females, males. I treat people how you would want to be treated. If I’m in need I would hope that someone would do the same for me.

How long have you been at Sinners?

6 months.

What’s been the worst thing that you’ve seen while being a bouncer?

People unconscious through drugs, fights from the alcohol and people paralytic all over the floor which is worrying, especially if they’re unconscious because you don’t know what they’ve taken.

Are you from Newcastle?

Originally but I lived in Milton Keynes for most of my upbringing.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?

Some of the things people dress up in, comments people make. There was this one guy walking up to the door pissed and I said you were too drunk and he turned round and said he had dyslexia and that why he was walking funny.