Fittest finalist 2016 nomination #3: Naomi Fahey

Catch’em while you can


Time to welcome our third nominee.

She has always been a stunner from day one. You can’t resist those dimples. Come to Jesmond and catch a glimpse of our third contender.

Which street in Jesmond do you live?

“St George’s Terrace.”

Waitrose or tesco?


Go to chat up line?

“They’re called ‘eyebrows’ cuz my eyes are browsin’ your fine ass.”

Go to party song?

“Tom Jones – Sex Bomb.”

Perfect date?

“Wine, dine and…… have a good time.”


“Trying every cafe in Newcastle.”

Perfect type?

“Someone very, very funny with a great big smile and wants to eat all the time.”

Dating advice for guys?

“Make me laugh.”