Fittest finalist 2016 nomination #2: Megan Fox lookalike Beccy Cooper

Catch them while you can

So far we’re brought you your first nominated fit finalist, Alice Fyfe.

But now we welcome our second nominee.

She’s commonly referred to as Jesmond’s very own Megan Fox. If you want to catch a glimpse of this lookalike she can be found almost all the time in Bar Blanc.


“Isle of Man.”

Where is Jesmond do you live?

“Party road, Shortridge!”

Tesco or Waitrose?

“When I wanna splash the old cash it’s Waitrose.”

Go to chat up line?

“Boy if you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber.”

Go to party song?

“I’m a firm Beliber, can’t go wrong with a bit of JB before a night out to the Palace.”

Fave drink?

“I’ve frequently got a G&T in my hand from Blanc.”

Perfect date?

“Ah I’m easy, anything, as long as I’m laughing!”

Weird fact about yourself

“Hmmm… I once accidentally drove onto the course of this motorbike race whilst it was on, they had to shut down the race and all!”


“Bar Blanc…”

Perfect type?

“Don’t really have a specific type, keep my options open…”

Dating advice for boys?

“Weird is cool.”

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