Everything happening at the Christian Union Week at the SU

Obviously free food is involved

Next week, the Christian Union Society will head over to the SU, to host a week of events.

The society will be hosting talks on the various challenges and claims of Christianity, giving out freebies, and answering any questions.

During the daytime talks you can grab a free lunch, and ask any questions you want to in person or via text anonymously.

Every evening there will be a two course meal, wine or punch and some live music.

At St Luke’s Church you’ll also get to see some art pieces around the theme of truth. They’ll be hanging outside the SU during the week too if you fancy a chat. So head on down to the SU this week to get your questions answered, meet a friendly bunch of people, and even get some free food.

“The Naked Truth: Exposing Christianity”, starts Monday and we have the info on what’s on each day, and where you need to be if you want to get your questions answered.


Monday kicks off with two talks. The first answers the question “What does Christianity have to do with me?” This will be hosted on the first floor of the SU, in The History Rooms at both 1pm and 2pm. The second talk is in the evening answering “How can Christianity be applicable to everyone?”. You can meet at the Monument or Haymarket at 7pm for a walk down to Castlegate for this one.


“How can Christians claim God and Science are compatible?” will be at 1pm and 2pm in the History rooms on the first floor of the SU. In the evening the society are answering the question “Is human purpose made, given or discovered?” which will be hosted at St. Luke’s Church between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.


“What kind of God would put us through this?” will be the talk on Wednesday in the SU History Rooms at 1 and 2pm. At 7pm, at St. Luke’s Church they’ll be discussing “Is hope possible beyond life’s disappointment?”


Thursday covers hate and love. They’ll be a chat in the SU History rooms again covering how Christians can justify faith despite their history of hate at 1pm and 2pm. “Why do questions go on about love?” will be talked about in the evening, at 7pm, at St. Luke’s Church.


For the final day, at 1pm and 2pm, “What is Christianity if not rules?” will be answered for you. Head over to St. Luke’s Church at 7pm on Friday to think about what it means to be free.