How to nail every type of date night in Newcastle

Don’t take her to Munchies

The most romantic day in the calendar is almost upon us and the usual last minute scramble to try and book a good table has begun. Whether you’ve met them on Tinder, are about to break up or plan on bringing a mate along – here’s the best places to go.

Tinder date: Stay close to home at Osbornes

All the swiping right and awkward chat up lines have finally paid off and you’ve got yourself a date. Yet the Tinder date is a notoriously tricky one – we’ve all seen Catfish so I’d stay in Jesmond to be safe. The obvious choice is Osbornes. It’s lively, does good drinks that aren’t pricey and if it goes well you’re in walking distance FROM Jam Jar or your house if you’re lucky.  If it doesn’t go well you’re likely to spot one of your mates who can help pull you out of the sticky situation.  Win win.

The ‘so you think she’s the one’ date : Stroll down the Quayside

Showing off your best moves in the Swingers smoking area you’ve spotted the girl of your dreams, and with the help of Dutch courage you manage to get her number and a few days later have persuaded her to go on a date with you.

It’s time to pull out the big guns if you want to keep this ten to yourself.

It may be generic but it’s because it works. Quayside is the ultimate venue for romance, and if you can make it for sunset then you’re onto a winner. No girl can resist a stroll down the Tyne and the position of The Baltic gives you the opportunity to show off your cultural side – it’s a recipe for success. After you’ve impressed them with the view head to Gusto or the Silk rooms for dinner and drinks (P&P’s too predictable).  It may be a little bit samey but the effort you put in won’t go unnoticed, everyone loves a little bit of romance.

The double date: Lane 7

Solo dating can be very intimidating, and the best way to avoid any silences is to bring a pal. However, planning a date for four can be tricky as dinner can be awkward, especially if one couple clicks better then the other.

The solution? Lane 7. Arguably bowling is a bit nerdy, but Lane 7 has the best alcoholic milkshakes in town, which will soon make you forget that. It makes a great double date because it gives everyone a bit of time to get know each other and is quite funny – because who is actually good at bowling.

Show us ya skills

The break-up date: Get some privacy at Jesmond Dene

A little unorthodox in the month of love, but its definitely a thing. You don’t want to face an awkward in house interrogation, What’s wrong with me? Why don’t you fancy me? Please don’t leave me! Its all just a bit intense. Head to Jesmond Dene, its massive so you should be able to find a quiet spot to break the news. Fingers crossed the views will take their mind off the heart break and there are lots of different exits so you can part ways easily enough.  It also avoids the embarrassment of restaurants if there are tears.

Not a tear in site