Fittest finalist 2016 nomination: Alice Fyfe

Catch’em while you can. Gold Rush season is upon us.

Last term we went fishing for freshers, and brought you a great catch. But we all know the big fish swim in the pool of Jesmond.

These finalists have been around for a while and they are about to leave, but first we must recognise how bloody fit they are. Am I right? I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.

Some arrived fit – some, like a fine wine, have improved with age.

Our first nomination: Alice Fyfe, 20, English Literature

Here’s our first nominee, she’s an infamous dancer, catch this one out in the club. Good things come in small packages, but she is definitely a big winner.

Which Jesmond road do you live on? 

“Grosvenor Place, just behind Bar Blanc am I right?”

Tesco or Waitrose? 

“Obviously Waitrose. The best red wine for a fiver – Australian smooth and spicy.”

Go to chat up line

“I like my men how I like my wine, shall we grab a bottle?”

Go to party song

“I like to go deeper than deep house, you know, bottom of the ocean deep. Have you heard of Hannah Wanted?”

Perfect date

“I’m chilled as long as he stays off his phone and makes me laugh.”


“frolicking in the Dene..”

Perfect type 

“Tanned, dark hair, smooth, spicy..”

Dating advice for guys 

“Good chat. I dont care how much you bench.”

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