Is Tesco or Waitrose the best supermarket in Jesmond?

It is a hard one

Everyone has their favorite. Some love Waitrose for it’s free coffee, but some love being able to bump into everyone in Tesco’s before pre drinks. Vote for which one you prefer.


Waitrose is just an overpriced, snobbier version of Tesco, and you can definitely find exactly the same stuff for cheaper here. The milk is 2p cheaper in Tesco, what more could you ask for? Ok, the Waitrose ready meals can be pretty good. But let’s be honest, you would much rather have a Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau rice for £2.30. Waitrose ready meals usually come to £2.50, and that extra 20p really makes a difference in life. As they say, every little helps.

Get in meh belleh

Tesco also has great banter. What other national supermarket chain would suggest a cucumber as being perfect for Valentine’s Day? You’re guaranteed to have wet yourself with laughter at least once by the time you’ve reached the counter which can seriously make your day.

Jesmond Tesco is also a social hub. It’s pretty much Bar Blanc. You’re forever bumping into course mates, sometimes lecturers and of course your latest one night stand. You can guarantee you’ll see at least five people you vaguely know when popping for a shop there. You can stop for a chat by the freezers while grabbing treats for yourself at the same time – discussing cheap pizza is the best way to encounter small talk.

Fancy seeing you here

Tesco is everything you want and more, no one knows where they’d be without it.


Ok, so it’s expensive – but Tesco’s really isn’t that much cheaper and the quality at Waitrose is on another level. What other supermarket gives you a free coffee and a paper?

White girl latte – the Waitrose dream

It’s the king of ready meals with choices ranging from mushroom and spinach linguini to Cauliflower truffle mac and cheese, who needs to be able to cook when you’ve got options like these. Needless to say they also taste a lot better than anything you’ll get from the drab Tesco.

It also has a bakery and a delicatessen counter full of treats for those hungover “I don’t know what I want” moods – If you don’t know, Waitrose definitely does.

So much excitement over a doughnut

Yeah you’ll bump into more people in Tesco, but that’s not always a good thing. When do you ever bump into anyone you actually want to see? It’s a recipe for awkward small talk or failed attempts at disguise. Why not surround yourself with harmless rahs instead and emerge yourself in uni shopping culture at its very finest. Everything also looks a lot less embarrassing in a Waitrose shopping basket.

This is all leads back to the free stuff, Waitrose will always be better than Tesco because of the free coffee and you know it.