Kate’s food challenges: I ate twelve pancakes in one sitting

‘My hands were actually shaking’

After a noticable three month break on my Facebook page Kate’s Food Challenges, I decided to come back on a sweet note.

As Pancake Day is upon us , The 12 stack Pancake Challenge at The Breakfast Club in London caught my eye, having to finish the stack of pancakes, with whipped cream, maple syrup and berries in 12 minutes or less. If you win – it’s on the house and if you lose – all the money goes to charity.

I have seen and heard loads of great reviews about the quality of food at The Breakfast Club, so I was even more eager to get there.

On arrival, I was speaking with the person behind the counter – who had actually told me he’d seen my food challenges (Haven’t blushed so much since I was 14) and warned me that this one was going to be tough for me. Great.. Definitely didn’t help with my nerves that one.

They told me that not many people had completed the challenge because it seemed smaller on the pictures. Double great. My hands were actually shaking and it just got worse. With it being my first challenge of 2016 and my slight reputation, I was desperate for a win!

When the pancakes came out – my heart actually sank a little. They were huge!! But at the same time – I was hungry and they looked delicious.

I had never thought about tactics for speed. So I stupidly started with a fork and just tried shoving as much in my mouth as possible. They were boiling hot. This wasn’t a good method.Then I decided a bit more a fajita method (I genuinely wasn’t thinking and just made these up going along), where I put some cream and berries inside the pancake and folded it up. This was actually working and it was much tastier. Just four minutes in, I was almost done.

There were a group of people infront watching me now, as well as one of my best friends Becci who was helping me with the camera. It was so amusing cause they just couldn’t believe it, but they cheered me on so that was lovely.

Picking up three pancakes, folding them over and tackling them like a burger. I was almost finished.

The last pancake was definitely the best – it had soaked up all the maple syrup, I still had some berries and cream left AND I had managed to retain my reputation (the best part).

All in all – it was an amazing challenge, and despite winning, I still gave my £17.50 (think that was it) to charity because it’s all for a good cause. They do it every year and it’s just a bit of fun, so I’d definitely give it a go if you’re into the Man Vs Food stuff.