Newcastle’s biggest names on campus, literally

They’re longer than yours

It’s too early to start BNOC nominations, so we’ll give you something different in the meantime. 

Take a look at some of the names that are literally the biggest in Newcastle.

Barnaby John Jupiter Stroud Turp, third year

“When I get asked what my initials stand for (BJJST) most people don’t think my name’s real – they don’t believe Jupiter is a name. It’s annoying sometimes as it takes quite a while to write which makes filling out forms etc slow.

“The Jupiter part is due to on the day I born Jupiter was the most visible in the night sky it was going to be for another 1000 years.”

BJJST is on the left

Amelia Mona Dornonville de la Cour Freeman, third year

“My name’s so long that it doesn’t fit on bank account forms so I have to shorten it. But I always forget what I’ve shortened it to, so I’m constantly failing my own security checks.”

Joshua Thomas Ian Maxwell Chambers, second year

“I have no idea what the rents were thinking with my name, potentially a drunken decision that they thought would be a laugh.

“There are a few struggles with such a long name. Its impossible to fit your full name on forms.”

Chambers is on the left

George Philip John Filipović-Bullock, third year

“Well it’s so bloody long it’s probably why I have extra time on exams, just to write it out.”

On the left

Elliot Finlay Pallister Lewis, second year

“Pallister is my Grandmother’s maiden name it’s not an actual first name and my parents didn’t misspell Allister, okay”

EFPL is middle

Ammarin Petchmongkolchai, second year

“I guess sometimes it’s a pain to have a long surname because on a few occasions when I’ve had to fill out forms, there wasn’t enough space.
Or the fact that a lot of people mispronounce it so badly you just have to stand there and cringe.”

Second from right