What your area in the Robbo says about you

Second years repping Level 3

During times of need the Robbo becomes our second, better heated, home. Considering the amount of time we all spend in there, you’ll have become familiar to the segregation, and the different types of people you’ll find in different areas.

Level 1

She’s only chosen level 1 because her water bottle matches the sign.

You’re rowdy

We’re firstly assuming that if you’re choosing to study here, you’re better equipped to survive in oxygen-deprived environments, as it’s underground.

Most students avoid Level 1  because firstly, some don’t realise it actually exists, and secondly, it’s too noisy. If you’re the sort of student that optionally works on Level 1, you obviously work better when you can’t hear yourself think. Either that, or you don’t plan to work at all. If you were planning on doing group work and actually learning something, you probably should’ve booked a study room.

If you’re working there independently, you probably should drop out of uni.

Level 2: Grouped tables

You’re lost

The ground level’s grouped table area is almost as pointless as a working environment as Level 1. If you’re choosing to work in this section you either got lost and didn’t realise the Robbo was a multi-storey building, or you have nowhere else to work.

In fairness, on quieter days, this section is useful for group revision, but during exam time we’d actually suggest the outside smoking area as a better, quieter working environment.

Level 2: The cafe 

You’re a social butterfly

The Café is the social hub of the Robbo. The majority of students use the café for a quick and much needed break from revision, as well as to catch-up with friends. Remarkably, some people do actually choose to work in the café – it’s a little weird – but maybe they’re just particularly fond of the sandwich selection.

The cafe has also become particularly popular with people wanting to Skype their boyfriend/girlfriends. A little strange considering the number of people that would be in the background of the video chat, but maybe they’re just missing home?


Who needs an Apple Mac anyway?

You’re really organised

If you’ve decided to work on one of the Robbo computers, bravo, we’re guessing you’re a little more focused on your degrees than most of us. Either that, or you don’t have an Apple Mac, and can’t face being the boxy Dell in the sea of Apple’s.

During the exam period, if you’re the sort of student that wakes up late in the morning, you’ll become well acquainted with the computer area, as they tend to be more available than the desks.


Level 3

Hang tight guys

You’re a second year

Many students prefer Level 3 because they’re too lazy to walk up to Level 4, and because it means they’re one floor closer to the café.

Though hard workers, the majority of these students belong to the humanities departments, and with only eight contact hours, they are rarely seen in the Robbo outside of exam time. These students prefer drinks down Osborne Road or a night out, commencing with Soho.

Level 4

Notorious level 4

You’re a postgraduate, or heard about the comfy seats

If you’re on Level 4, thanks to the intensity of your course, you’re probably no stranger to the Robbo. We’ve actually overheard rumours that some of you bring sleeping bags, and sleep at your desk, just to keep up with the workload.

Don’t worry, the hard work will pay off, we have no doubt that you’ll be the most employable out of all of us.