A supporter of Roosh V has published a sickening guide about women in Newcastle

He says they have ‘loose morals’

A supporter of Roosh V, the ‘pick-up artist’, has published a misogynistic guide about women in Newcastle.

The guide was written by a supporter of Roosh V, the man who argues that rape should be legal on private property. The disturbing guide was published on Roosh V’s public forum for like-minded men to discuss, then published in The Chronicle.

The guide says:

  • Newcastle is one of the “easier locations” in Europe where girls are “completely inebriated”
  • Hanging out around the universities during the day to pick up women, but the Diamond strip is the best place to “strike out”
  • Girls on the Bigg Market have “loose morals”
  • “Locals will be easier than students but students still won’t be difficult”
  • He encourages like-minded men to go to Jesmond to find “hot 21-year-olds drinking Starbucks”
  • Newcastle men “will prowl in drunken gangs and intimidate the girls

He says Jesmond is full of “hot 21-year-olds drinking Starbucks”

The supporter, who is under the pseudonym El Conquistador divides Newcastle girls into three categories: “Locals, students and out-of-town ‘weekend warriors’.

“Locals will be easier than students but students still won’t be difficult. Because of the tv show ‘Geordie Shore’ and other celebrity worshipping girls do make a big effort here with make up, heels etc. Friendly to approach and much friendlier compared to London. Low inhibitions all round and you will find some diamonds in the rough.”

He goes on to say: “Like Vegas where people come to get away from home to party and fuck, if you can find a girl who is not sharing a hotel room and you can pull her away from her group you’ll be money.  Students will be a younger and classier bunch but you might need to work yourself into their social circle.

“All three groups will be completely inebriated on Friday and Saturday nights.”

The supporter goes on to describe Jesmond as: “The leafy, upper-middle class area of the city. Rich girls and college-aged girls galore. If you want to find groups of hot 21-year-olds drinking Starbucks on a Tuesday afternoon with a Louis Vuitton bag in the crook of their elbow then this is the neighbourhood.”

He speaks about Newcastle boys, too: “Most guys will prowl in drunken gangs that intimidate the girls. They are no competition it terms of game but if you are well dressed and talking to lots of girls then they will get in your face.

“In some of the places I’ll mention you will find lots of guys who are huge, ripped, well dressed and seem to know everybody. They’ll have the best girls around them so the best policy I’ve found is to befriend them.”

He also assesses the best areas for picking up girls. During the day, he advocates hanging around the two universities during the day to pick up women.

But at night Players is “fruitful”, but he advises to start on The Gate to “warm up”, encouraging people to wait outside the club to “catch plenty of foot traffic outside.”

But he doesn’t disregard the Bigg Market: “The loose morals here will make it fairly easy.”

But the Diamond Strip is his prime spot: “Many of these bars are next door to each other so you can approach all the girls in one place, strike out then move next door and try a fresh crowd.”

Roosh V, who has an online forum for like-minded men, is staging a worldwide meet-up on Saturday February 6th, with 165 meetings in 43 countries including Newcastle.