You can get breakfast delivered to the Robbo

One way to cope with revision

OffTheGrill is a breakfast delivery service that will send you breakfast to the library. 

Making breakfast in the morning is a pain to keep on top of. Especially when you want to make sure to get a desk by 9.30, before everyone starts coming in.

I decided to get my food delivered to my desk for a whole week, it was my easiest food challenge yet. Here’s what I had:

Pancakes with Nutella and Marshmallows

I ate this in the Robbo canteen and got a lot of looks, most of which I’m assuming was jealousy. It was incredible.

Salmon eggs royal

Apparently oily fish is great for brain stimulation, so I went healthy and ordered a salmon and egg royal right at my desk, alongside my revision.The little packaging was so perfect as well – not messy and not “open food”. Also it was cold – so I wasn’t breaking any rules. It was delicious and healthy which I try to be as often as I can, especially now it’s January.

Big Daddy breakfast

Here comes the big one. Honestly – the smell was unbelievable alone, and I’m sorry to anyone who watched me eat all of this whilst purchasing their canteen food. This is the kind of food you normally eat after a big night out, so it was a really nice treat to have for mid-exams.

Eggs Benedict and chips

While eating this, I learnt the hard way that hot food must not be eaten on the second floor.

Breakfast burger

The least conventional breakfast of them all, but one of the best. This one was actually the easiest to eat while working as I could do it one-handed.