Newcastle uni and SU ‘actively censors speech and expression’ says new study

They labelled us red

A study says Newcastle University and its SU “create a hostile environment for free speech” since the introduction of many policies and bans.

The study, launched by spiked and started in 2015, ranks universities using a traffic light system and labelled Newcastle as red, meaning the institution “actively censors speech and expression.”


The study pointed the most “ban happy” universities as Aberystwyth, Leeds, LSE, Swansea and Edinburgh.

The “most free” were Buckingham, Winchester, Southampton, Trinity St David and Glasgow Caledonian.

Newcastle SU (NUSU) is among 30 unions in the country who have banned newspapers (they banned the Sun and Daily Star in May 2013).

The study also highlights NUSU’s policies which ban payday-loan ads, smoking ads and commercial pub crawls which are seen by the report as censoring speech and expression.

You can see the full set of results here.