Newcfreshersxxx: Mystery fresher creates raunchy Snapchat

Ricky Road what are you like

Someone has created a Snapchat for people to send their nudes in anonymously. 

People are sending graphic nudes and half-naked selfies to the account, @newcfreshersxxx, which they re-post on their story.

This is all done anonymously and most are without faces.

It has got around 7,000 views per day, with hundreds adding the account every hour.

It’s already starting to reach around the country – Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Hull.

The only appropriate picture we could use

It seems from Yik Yak that there are mixed reviews, some people saying it’s trashy and self-degrading, but most are celebrating it.

We managed to speak to the student behind the Snapchat, who wanted to remain anonymous:” I did it as a bit of a laugh,  I set it up ages ago on an old account that got banned, so I made this one.

“It’s been really popular. Since yesterday, we’ve had about 7000 views, with roughly around 100 adds every half hour.”


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