Jesmond pets: Meet Houdini the tarantula

‘We bought two but one escaped we don’t know where it’s gone’

This is Houdini. She’s a Peruvian Flame Rump which is a type of tarantula.

Her owner, Chemical Engineering second year Russell, who lives in Jesmond said:  “We got her with the intention of feeding her loads so she grew to be freakishly large. However, since getting her she’s really done fuck all.”

Russell has had to buy numerous bits of equipment to maintain Houdini’s unique environment: “We’ve had to buy numerous heat mats and a humidifier for her. She’s very high maintenance.”

Peruvian Flame Rumps can grow to around six inches when fully grown.

The chemical engineer had bought two spiders but one escaped: “We did buy two, but one escaped very quickly and we don’t know where they got to.”

“We released some crickets in to the living room, so it didn’t die. We now always have to wear shoes indoors to avoid getting bitten in case it’s under a chair.”

Whilst you may think this Jesmond pet is an exciting addition to a student room, Russell said: “The only naughty thing she’s done is be a disappointment to everyone due to her lack of activity. The TV has also broke since the arrival, so that could be related.”

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