Newcastle uni WiFi is down after cyber attack

No procrastinating in the Robbo

University WiFi is down and out for the foreseeable future due to a cyber attack from an unknown source.

IT services has called the connectivity problems “intermittent” yet most students can only access Blackboard and Google through a really slow connection.

Newcastle’s internet connection is managed by JANET Roaming Service (JRS), part of the international roaming service, Eduroam.

Other universities including Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds also use the same connection platform meaning these technical difficulties are impacting students up and down the country.

Newcastle first experienced issues with the internet at  09:30 this morning.

By 10:30 they had a “temporary solution” whilst they liaise with JRS but the connection was still very limited. The next update will be at 14:00.

IT services have said: “Engineers from Jisc are implementing blocks to prevent connections from the source of the attack, while taking great care to ensure that legitimate network traffic is still accessible.”

Newcastle uni is running as normal during the connection problems with no mention of cancelling lectures or deadlines being pushed back due to circumstances.

But with access to Office365 being affected, there is no ability for lectures to communicate with students to inform them of any change in circumstance.  The limited connection hasn’t deterred students as the Robbo is still full of students trying to work.

Second year Media student, Alice Atkinson said: “It’s annoying as I’ve walked all the way into uni just to do this work and it’s making me contemplate why the library is punishing me for trying to be a good student.”

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