Jesmond pets: Meet Penny the tiny dog

She’s half sausage half westie

It’s coming up to the end of term and the longing to see your dogs back home starts getting to you.

So imagine the feeling when you meet a dog as cute Penny who bounds around living rooms across Jesmond with her little toy duck livening up the place.

The six-month-old half sausage half westie belongs to Alistair, a 25-year-old.

Hello Penny

He told The Tab: “Penny is a right wee character, and very clever. She loves being outside in the mud, playing with other dogs and sniffing about. Her favourite food is cheese and I use small cubes to help train her.”

Despite her innocent looks, Penny has a darker side which she brings out now and again: “The naughtiest thing she did was she went through a bin bag outside, ate the whole contents and then spew all over the flat (this weekend after the winds).

Penny loves a good walk: “We walk the length of the Dene, but she loves the coast more than anything.”

She is an incredibly well behaved and well trained dog. People who have looked after her have said she’s: “Even more well behaved than my doggies at home- she’s an absolute angel.”

She also loves her little toy duck which has since been: “completely ruined by chucking it all over her flat.”

Penny is said to be fond of both mirrors and cheese.

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