Meet Freddie Chetwood: Newcastle’s fittest fresher

‘I’m just a regular guy’

Freddie Chetwood is officially the fittest fresher in Newcastle.

Over 3000 votes were cast across the competition and dozens of nominations were sent into The Tab.

The Politics first year received 29 per cent of the vote, fending off runners up Harvey Crawford (25 per cent), Rufus Wilkinson (24 per cent) and Charlie Harris (22 per cent).

Freddie is a politics first year

Freddie, who is from Brighton, told The Tab: “Nothing has changed. I’m just a regular guy whose benefitted from very good lighting.”

“I put my win down to the power of good people.

Freddie puts his win modestly down to ‘the power of good lighting’

“I’d like to thank Ian Chetwood’s athletic and heroic swimming team.”

And as for nights out in Newcastle: “I do love a bit of club trop – but a chilled night with David Attenborough is difficult to beat.”