Meet the Master’s student making gourmet meals and delivering to your door

He does cocktails too

Cooking is just a hobby for some, but this guy has turned it into a money-making profession.

28-year old Master’s student Xiangyue Dai spends his evening cooking up tasty meals and delivering them strait to your doorstep.


How long since coming to Newcastle did you start cooking?

“The idea just came up one week after arriving in Newcastle, I’ve been cooking since I was really young so it seemed like a good thing to do.”

He even cooks with Chopsticks

Master at work

What is your favourite thing about Newcastle and where do you visit the most?

It’s the environment that is my favourite.  Newcastle’s got this clear air which is so hard to find in China. The places I visit most must be the supermarket and Grainger Market. I seldom buy takeaway food, but I think the Eat@XXX in the campus is not bad with a rational price. I sometimes eat there when I’m facing upcoming deadlines.”

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Would you ever plan to open a restaurant?

No, that’s not my plan. My cooking is just hobby that I can utilise to entertain my family and friends.

Didn’t eat with the chopstix though*

What is your favourite dish?

I like to try different foods. It’s hard to find one really distinguished from others, but my favourite dish to cook would be oxtail stew.

Some of his delicious meals

If taking a girl out, would you rather cook for her or take her to a restaurant?

I would ask her what her favourite thing is to eat, then I would cook it for her. It’s up to her though, the key is to entertain the girl, right?

Do you make much profit?

I actually make no profit. The charge is just cover the ingredients, this is just to help me save money and time.

Next time you’re heading to TupTup, line your stomach with one of these fine dishes Xiangyue sells and wear some purely original fashion on your waist.