We asked international students if they knew what British slang meant

‘A bollocking is a kind of car’

We asked International Students to tell us what they think common British Slang words and phrases mean. 

Carlotta, Chinese and International Business Management, third year – Italy

So close… and yet so far

Gobsmacked: “Something like…a kiss?”

Grace, Translation and Interpreting, third year – China

Spend a penny: “I guess something that is really cheap, or just a little bit.”

Andy, English Lit, third year – China

Not quite sure where his answer came from…

Bollocking: “Maybe it’s a kind of car?”

Natalie, Accounting and Finance, third year – Italy

The only person that guessed the correct answer!

Cas (pronounced “cazj”): “Casual, casual, cas right?”

Jerry, Engineering, Post Grad – Nigeria

On the piss: “On the double, quickly.”

Nikita, Media and PR, Post Grad – India

Gone tits up: “Gone completely crazy.”

Akwasi, Agriculture, Post Grad – Ghana

“Do I look good?”

Gutted: “It means tired.”

Haifeng, Sociology, third year – China

Can see where you’re coming from…but no.

Blower: “It’s definitely something relating to wind…”

Goh, Politics, third year – Brunei

He deliberated for about 5 minutes

Faff: “Bullshit. That’s bullshit, in a way.”

Maja, Chinese and Cultural Studies, fourth Year – Poland

Up the duff: “It makes me think of a gaff… which is a house… is it a house?”