The Tab Newcastle is looking for new editors

We’re looking for reporters too


The Tab is Newcastle’s funniest and most influential student newspaper.

We’re part of a network of sites with over 3million monthly readers. We can get you jobs and work experience at the best papers in the industry, and our socials are legendary.

We’re looking to recruit editors across all sections.

This is your chance to be part of a fun, innovative and forward-thinking news organisation, building the future of Journalism.

Former Editors have had full-page columns in national newspapers, staff jobs at the Independent and furthered their studies at the Columbia School of Journalism.

To apply,  have a read of the positions below and tell us why you think you’d be good and three article ideas for your section (unless you’re applying for Head of Marketing or Social media) to [email protected] by 6th November.

We’re also looking for reporters, so if you just want to write occasionally, you can sign up here.

One of our editors Alex Mackwood recruiting with Sophia Waterman

Social Media Editor

Students live their lives through social media, and it’s important to make sure people engage with The Tab on every possible platform.

As Social Media Editor, you’ll be in charge of finding the pictures, videos and tweets everyone talks about. We post at least one a day on Facebook, but you can use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Yik Yak and anything else people are using.

The Tab’s voice should be communicated in everything we put out, which is why your sharp wit, sense of humour and understanding of what your peers are raving about it will be crucial to The Tab’s success.

Role models: Mangal 2, Paddy Power, Richard Moynihan (Telegraph)

Head of Marketing

Reporters are The Tab’s engine of growth, and recruiting new people is the most important thing you can do for a team. As Head of Marketing, you are responsible for bringing in new reporters and making sure people know how to get involved.

The Head of Marketing is the socialite of The Tab and not afraid to schmooze the BNOCs, organise team socials, or approach people in the library to get them on board.

You will develop great networking skills, and you will have evidence that you are happy to approach people cold and win them over. These are two of the most desirable traits a job applicant can have.

Role models: Steve Jobs

Features Editor

Features is most people’s favourite section, because we do proper journalism, not “10 things you know if you’re an English student”. Tab features are all about leaving your laptop – and it’s your job to make sure your reporters are doing exactly that.

You’ll be managing a big team who meet once a week, and you should make sure everyone leaves the meeting writing a well developed article and deadline. Don’t just listen to their idea – talk it through with them and suggest ways to improve it.

A Features Editor should read a lot and have a very good understanding of what good writing looks like. The main focus is to deliver an idea in a way which engage readers the most, and that means reporters

Role models: Camilla Long (The Times), Clive Martin (Vice), Joshi Herrmann (Evening Standard and former Tab editor)

Argument Editor

More people read Argument pieces than any other section – and that’s because it really targets passion points which get students talking. Inspiration can come from serious news stories, such as the Vice-Chancellor’s pay packet, but we also write about more light-hearted topics, like defending rugby lads.

The Argument Editor uses their wit to transform a rant into an eloquent opinion piece, without making it self-indulgent. They prefer clever ideas to clever writing, and they’ll ignite passion within their reporters, drawing original opinions out of them and then showing them how to put them into words.

You’ll be giving platform to views that matter, and thousands of people will read your section because of it.

Role models: Marina Hyde (the Guardian), Rod Liddle (the Sunday Times), Piers Morgan (Daily Mail)

Some of our writers being treated for dinner by the Tab last week

Fashion Editor

Fashion Editors are good at making people feel comfortable – who doesn’t want to be told they’re dressed nicely? You’ll be out on campus snapping the best dressed at least once a week, but that’s not where being in charge of the Fashion section ends.

Use your creative flair to organise shoots using clothes from the local vintage store, or go and try on the best outfits for the AU Ball. Get the Fashion Society involved and see how you can work together. The section really is your own to be as inventive and original as you like.

Role models: Ellie Pithers (Telegraph and former Tab editor), Anna Wintour(Vogue editor)

To apply, email a 100 word plan and three article ideas (unless you’re applying for Head of Marketing or Social media) to by 6th November.