How dirty is your Newcastle takeaway?

Here’s their hygiene ratings

Whether it’s a mid-essay pick-me-up or hungover snack, a greasy takeaway is a must in Newcastle. Dixies, Pizzaholic, Benton Chippy – they’re everywhere. But do you ever contemplate the hygiene ratings of these outlets? We’ve done the dirty-work for you and found out the official hygiene ratings of Newcastle’s biggest takeaways.

Dominos, Chillingham Road, 5 out of 5

Heavyweight of the takeaway kingdom, Domino’s located on Chillingham Road shows its dominance with a 5 out of 5. The big D is expensive if you’re committing carbicide alone but definitely worth it if there’s a bunch of you pitching in. And lest we forget about the half price voucher code that saves lives – NEW50STU – you are welcome. Anywhere that can deliver hot, freshly baked cookies to your door deserves significant commendation.

Pizzaholic, Chillingham Road, 5 out of 5

This takeaway scores top marks, too. Every carb lover’s fantasy is an 18” pizza, it’s large enough to fill anyone’s inner void. A pizza topped with Nutella and cheese is a legitimate item on the menu. Throw in a flawless hygiene rating and here we have it; the holy shrine for those followers of the doughy perfection that is pizza.

Munchies, 5 out of 5

Munchies, also known as “The Golden M” is a top spot for those heading home from a night out.  Second year Annie, described their margherita pizza has been described as “life-changing”, which is somewhat supported by their impeccable hygiene standards. There are four Munchies takeaways in Newcastle and all of them score full marks for hygiene. There is a cue as good as any to grab our knives and forks, tuck our napkins in to our shirts and finally become that fast-food connoisseur we have always aspired to be.

Desserts Delivered, online, 4 out of 5

The myth, the urban tale, the legend itself Desserts Delivered is rated a 4 as of last November. Always there to accompany your gals night in, Criminology first year Oakley describes it as “literally amazing”. For those nights when that microwaveable cake from Londis just will not make the cut and that pathetic chick-flick you swore you would never associate with is luring you in to its lair from the realms of a land called Putlocker. With a range of cakes to make anyone a better person , Desserts Delivered has earned its place among the best loved and cleanest businesses.

Dixy Chicken, Newgate Street, 4 out of 5

Dixy Chicken is cherished by many as a cheap and cheerful fried chicken outlet, but how cheerful is their hygiene rating? Their store on Newgate Street scores a 4 out of 5 on the scale. So all you fried chicken fans can continue to get your Dixy fix guilt-free. Whether it’s a quick lunch on the go or a messy post-night out binge, you can rest assured its hygiene standards are maintained.

Chicken Hut, Newgate Street, 4 out of 5

The jewel of Newgate Street,Chicken Hut is the true fried chicken maniac’s dream . It scores a 4 on the scale and is one of the only outlets open as late as 3:15am for delivery. A foolproof cure for those nocturnal chicken cravings we all know only too well. They do not stop there though, Chicken Hut also have a selection of burgers, wraps and pizzas; something deep fried for everyone.

Chunky Chicken, Chillingham Road, 2 out of 5

Chunky Chicken boast about their free hot wings with orders over £5 and a student flat deal that strives to fulfill our universal, insatiable desire for fried chicken. Alas, it scores a 2 on the hygiene scale which translates to “improvement necessary”. This perhaps explains why it was described by first Richardson Road first year year Bell as a “chicken debacle.”

Benton Chippy, Welbeck Road, 1 out of 5

Benton Chippy on Welbeck Road only scores a 1 on the hygiene scale meaning “major improvement necessary”. This should sound some alarm bells among employees and customers alike. Some would be repulsed by this whereas others would perhaps turn a blind eye. First year Tim wasn’t too phased by the low rating: “It’s kind of gross, but chips are chips.”

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