My life as a dentistry student and female bodybuilder

Big muscles on campus


Natalya Rosenschein is no ordinary Dentistry fourth year. As a former part of the Newcastle University Elite Athletes Squad, she trains eight times a week and avoids “set backs” like clubbing, drinking and junk food. She got hooked into lifting weights after breaking her leg two years ago, when her dad bought her dumbells to improve her strength. Now,  she’s a rising star in bodybuilding competitions in the UK.

We talk to her about her pre-uni workout, her selfie obsession and not having time for relationships.


Fourth year Natalya before a competition

She rarely has a drink. “I think the last time I drank was a sip of champagne on New Year’s Day! Once you get consumed in the sport you tend to avoid late nights and alcohol because it is just a big set back to progress. So I wouldn’t have a hangover food.”

She has sworn off other set backs like junk food, and hasn’t had a “cheat meal” in three months. “My favourite would have to be pizza followed by ice cream. I am very excited for my post competition cheat meal in 2 weeks time.”


On a rare night out in Newcastle

She trains with her friends at the Newcastle University gym. “Most of my friends are competitors that I’ve met at the gym or at competitions.  It’s great because we really push each other. Also, it’s good to know you have someone to call when the process gets tough.”

Natalya, who trains at least eight times a week, swears that her morning workout means she does better at uni.  “I found I could concentrate better and felt more energised. Now I just don’t feel right without having worked out each day.”

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She trains eight times a week to stay in shape and hasn’t had a cheat meal in three months


“Posing is a very important aspect. You may have the best physique on stage which you’ve worked extremely hard to achieve, but if you are not able to show it off it could be the difference between winning and losing!

“The lights are very bright on stage so the tan is used to bring out the definition otherwise you would appear washed out. There’s normally a professional tanning service backstage that do it for us!”. Body building competitions are rigorous. Marks are awarded to how good competitors’ tan is, how well their hair and makeup has been applied, their bikini and their pose.


Smashing it a competition last year

The muscular athlete is part of the Newcastle University Elite Athletes Squad which provide Sports Scholarships to students that demonstrate sporting achievements and have a commitment to continue improving in their sport. Students part of the squad can get up to £10K if they’ve competed on an International or National level within the last 12 months.

Last year, she placed in the top five in California at the world-famous Muscle Beach competition in Los Angeles.


Natalya loves selfies

She tells us that her regular competitions take a lot of preparation, “Even practicing to strike a pose takes a lot of time. You can never practice enough! It requires a lot of muscle mind connection to know you are getting the poses spot-on when it comes to doing it on the stage.

She’s also a self-confessed selfie queen, with a collection that would rival Kim K’s. “I’m guilty of it taking a lot of selfies, my phone fills up very quickly! But they are a very useful tool to compare progress and let you know if anything needs altering in diet or training.”

With her time spent juggling lectures and training, Natalyaya doesn’t have time for a boyfriend. “By the time I’ve done all my uni work, trained and cooked all my food it’s time for bed. Massive respect for anyone that does the sport with one.”

Natalya took third place in the Kent Classic competition in August and is going on to compete in the UKBFF Championships in Nottingham on October third. If she succeeds in this event, she will qualify for the Olympia, the olympics of bodybuilding.