Unitree girl gets stuck in tree after daring climb at Unity Festival

Two fire engines were deployed


A rowdy reveller at Unity Festival in Leazes park decided to branch out yesterday, climbing a tall tree and getting stuck.

At approximately 7:50pm two firetrucks and the police came to her aid.

But the girl, dressed in a green top, jeans, a bandana and sunglasses, decided to climb down from her 20 foot high home on her own.

tree girl

She was later seen being lead into a St. John’s Ambulance.

Given the name of the festival and where she got stuck, the mystery woman has earned herself the nickname “unitree girl”.

It is not known how long the girl was in the tree as fellow festival goers only noticed when the fire engine turned up. It is thought that it was about two hours.


Eddy says: “Unitree girl was up there for at least an hour.

“To be fair she brought unity to the people surrounding her. People were stood watching with their beers doing all they could to help her down.

“She was the real hero everyone needed that day.”

tree girl emma

Everyone was rooting for her


Fraser, a second year student at the event, told the Tab: “To the best of my knowledge she had taken her experience a bit too far and decided to climb up a tree.

“Upon reaching the top she realised she couldn’t get down”.

Security blocked off the surrounding area. The fire brigade were called and a crowd of people gathered, waiting to see how she would manoeuvre her descent.


An onlooker said: “She was up there for a really long time, bless her.”

There are reports that preparations were being made to use a crane to bring her to safety.

Fraser said: “She eventually decided to climb down, after which she was quickly ushered into a St. John’s ambulance”.

unity fe

There has been speculation that the whole debacle was a clever bit of PR. Eddy says: “Some say it was all just a publicity stunt in order to attract more people to the event. Like firefighters.”

Besides this slight mishap the free event was a huge success, celebrating unity in Newcastle. Thousands descended onto Leazes Park on the sunny Saturday to see Ms. Dynamite, Natty, Punjabi MC and more.