Leazes laundry service CANCELLED as staff face huge backlog of dirty clothes

Now you smell as bad as your chat

It was a dream for every Leazes mummy’s boy.

But now cleaners have CANCELLED the free handwash service after grubby residents left them with too many clothes to clean.

Cleaning staff have been left with a “backlog” of dirty garms that will take days to clear.


It’s been a stressful term for Leazes residents so far. They returned to the beautiful Castle amok building works (bloody asbestos), which resulted in the closure of the laundry room.

Earlier this term it was announced that Leazes kids would have their laundry done for them due to building work in the laundry room.

As a temporary measure to prevent more emails of complaint flooding the Services inbox, a free, returned-to-your-room-in-48-hours laundry service was provided.


Grimy students who dump their garments in the Fenwick room will be refused service for the next couple of days.

A member of Leazes staff told The Tab: “We don’t know when it the renovation will be resolved”.

We’re not sure what’s a worse situation – the build up of first years going round in unwashed clothes, or the idea of Steve the maintenance man seeing your gribbly pants through the see-through bags you’re given to put your clothes into?

The days of self-launder

“We have such a huge amount of laundry bags building up in the Fenwick room that the free laundry service will be suspended until further notice to enable us to clear the backlog.

“Thank you for your continued co operation”.

This was the ominous message from Castle Leazes accommodation.

Leazes’ students wait with bated (smelly) breath for the service to be reinstated.

In the mean time, laundrettes of Newcastle, beware.