Is this what Richardson Road is going to look like?

Plans laid out for Ricky Road revamp

ricky road

Newcastle University is one step closer to getting planning permission for the redevelopment of accommodation block Ricky Road.

The preliminary document appears to show six new, cross style buildings to replace the current arrangement.

An application for the screening of Ricky Road development was filed on Wednesday 11 February.

The screening application will be used to determine whether the proposed redevelopment project is likely to have significant effects on the environment.

The area concerned is bordered in a blue line. The highlighted red area is where the screening application is concerned. Tree lines and tree areas have also been highlighted at the bottom of the image.

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Last week an email was sent out which encouraged students to express their views in exchange for a free slice of pizza.

It said: “The University is proposing to construct new student accommodation blocks on Richardson Road, commencing in 2016 which would take the place of the existing residences and we would welcome your views.

“Why not pop along to the Planning Room in the Student Union on either February 16 or 23 between 12 noon and 2pm to view the plans.”

Ricky Road is a notorious haunt for freshers and is loved by almost all who have stayed in it.

Delicious 🙂

All we know for certain is that things will never be the same again.