Debbie Dumpling gives fresher time of his life at Ricky Road birthday party

NSFW. Or anywhere, really

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An unsuspecting Ricky Road fresher got more than just an eyeful after Debbie Dumpling turned up to his 19th birthday party in halls.

Birthday boy William was treated to a number of Dumpling classics, including the motorboat, as a crowd of chanting freshers looked on in awe.

Debbie, who boasts a 46J chest and charges £85 for a 15 minute act, was invited to give a birthday performance by joker flatmates last month.

Will smiling for the camera

The most celebrated stripper in the North East was caught on camera in the living room of the Ricky Road flat, surrounded by fans.

Speaking to The Tab about his experience, William said:  “It was such a weird situation, my mates threw me a surprise flat party and she just appeared.

“She comes up to me and goes ‘Are you the birthday boy?’ to which I didn’t know quite what to say!”

He was then made to do “press-ups over her belly button…

“She took off my belt and started whipping me on the back.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, there were 100 of my mates circling me and Debbie wetting themselves!”

Then things got intimate. “She just did a lot of stuff, including smearing her boobs in lotion and smearing my face in it, taking off her knickers and sitting on my face.”

“Literally for about two weeks after I was referred to by people who didn’t know me as ‘the Debbie Dumpling guy.'”

‘Do I look good from this angle?’

Debbie rocks up to her gigs armed with a bag of tricks. Her KissoGram profile lists the uniforms: WPC, Nurse, French Maid and many more on request (nothing, if not versatile)!

Her profile also warns customers to prepare to be “whipped, stripped and well we better leave the rest to your imagination“.

Other photos show how Debbie loves a good motorboat.

And judging by these photos, it looks like things get pretty up-close and personal.

Debbie (with her 46J chest) charges £85 for a 15 minute act.

(@danny16sl0pes) Who’d want an iPad this Christmas?

Worshipped by students and locals alike, photos from Twitter show her mingling with her fans in local pubs and clubs during her time off.

So if Debbie’s what you want in your stocking this Christmas I’d get cracking and write to Santa… Debbie’s in high demand this festive season.

(@bollado18) Full fat or semi skimmed?


And Debbie… My birthday is 18th December xo