I’m being taken to court for pulling a fat wheelie down Northumberland Street

He does what he wants

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A ballsy Northumbria student is being taken to court after police caught him “pulling a fat wheelie” down Northumberland Street. 

Devastated fourth year James Walker was wheelie-ing through the city centre at midday when he was apprehended by an officer and subsequently read his rights.

Northumberland Street, the scene of the crime.

The skilled cyclist was then told to expect a letter through the door giving details of where and when the court hearing would take place.

Walker told The Tab: “The officer was a fairly unforgiving guy.”

“But I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped the charges because of how ridiculous it is.”

The student, who rode off laughing after being sternly dealt with by the heavy hand of the law, is eagerly anticipating his letter.

He said: “Obviously I don’t know what the letter is going to say yet.”

“Whether they will decide to through it out or whether it will have court date I’m not too sure.”

Non-pedestrian traffic is banned on Northumberland Street, but this latest police bust has divided opinions in the student community, with Harriet Exley commenting that this is:

Tom Howdle on the other noted that this is simply ‘a waste of more tax payers money’ and would have told the officer to ‘jog on’ had he been in the same situation.

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