Mackem Marathon Fives

NUMHC fresher loses Fives and now has to run the Sunderland Marathon.

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Hockey freshers play fives to run a marathon.

Poor old David Samuels (aka Leeroy) lost the hockey club’s fresher fives. The forfeit? Run the Sunderland Marathon. However due to the short term difficulties of organising this, Leeroy will be running the next one in the area. There’s no way he’s getting off lightly.

The lads have upped their game after Exeter’s hockey fives ended in a trip to Edinburgh in the latest attempt by Newcastle students to go viral.

They appear to be playing smug rules, where if you guess correctly you cannot be smug while thanking every player for “a lovely game of fives.” Unfortunately for Leeroy his opponent in the last round nailed it.

At this stage Leeroy has been in contact and said that he will be “running one close to the area soon.”

More to follow, including which marathon he is entering and how he got on. Good luck to him.