BeatBoxing 2013: The Preview

Your official guide to the rollercoaster ride that will be BeatBoxing 2013.


The event of last year is back. 

After last year’s success, BeatBoxing is back and ready to put on what is The Tab’s event of the year.

Thursday 25th April at LQ nightclub, doors from 7pm.

Hundreds of intoxicated students, boxers who have been through arduous training fighting for the glory of their peers and the crowd, music from Newcastle’s best DJs: we’re actually listening for what more you would want.

Let’s profile some of our favourite boxers so you know what to expect, and maybe this year you won’t be shafted by the bookies at the event, (thinking back to the Sinawi/Dawkins bout). The rumours just won’t die!

Harry ‘Hitman’ Rix VS Ant Fernandez

They both promote for the same company but will there be trouble within the ranks after this fight? A Posh vs Poly bout, this one could be big. Rix has the height and weight advantage but that doesn’t mean much at BeatBoxing. Passion is all.

When asked if we can expect a knockout, ‘Hitman’ Rix smiled and replied “hopefully the people will get what they want”. He also added that “Ant is from the poly, can’t imagine him using his head much in a fight”. Big words.

Marc ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ Howey VS Conor Southgate

More promoters, more blood lust. For these boys it isn’t just about pride but it counts for the firm.

James ‘Carl Froch’ Siggers VS George Magill

The towering James Siggers already has a firm hold over his opponent on the surface, or is it just mind games?

We asked George Magill, one time Thailand kickboxer, what he expects from his opponent? He replied: “I don’t personally know ‘The SIG man’ but apparently he is a BNOC, Promoter, Gym monkey, hungry nostril you know the type.”

Am sure he will give me a good hiding. Interesting approach. When asked what he wants more than to win this fight he said “My mum not to find out I’m fighting and Saints to stay in the Premier league.”

James Hislop VS Chaz Englander

Two regulars in the gym weights section, this heavyweight fight will shake the very ground you watch from.

Anu ‘Black Mamba’ Ogunbiyi VS Kieran Williams

THE BIG ONE. The one we’re all looking forward to. We don’t know his real age but what we do know is that the Mamba is very confident.

We asked him how he has been preparing for the fight and he answered:

“Going out every night, could beat that spedelli kid with my eyes shut. Got the best coach in the business being the masher. At the end of the day, I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing it for 19 years. This kid doesn’t know who he’s fucking with.”

Joe Beckett VS Greg ‘Date Rape’ Turner

The most controversial nickname goes to Mr. Turner however it is Beckett who has come bursting out of the blocks with his trash talk.

Self-proclaimed man of the people, Joe Beckett has stated that “the only time he will be seen on his feet is the walk to the ring.” He also took it upon himself to comment on another fight, saying that we should all “pray for Conor Southgate”.

Hopefully the poor standard of nicknames this year won’t affect the quality of the fights. Expect brawling, blood, beer and boobs.


Visit the website dedicated to the event here for more info and to get tickets. You can also buy tickets off the boxers themselves.