From Thrashing To Trashing

Toon fans in disgraceful hooligan riot.

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Ugly scenes broke out in Newcastle city centre yesterday after the derby which left 27 arrested and a police horse with a headache. To put it loosely, Newcastle United fans were in general disarray on a Sunday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

The boisterous attitude of the Newcastle United faithful overshadowed what was a difficult afternoon for the North East outfit, but it should be mentioned that it was only a minority of fans that provoked an outbreak of violence.

Supporters threw glass bottles, firecrackers, bricks and rocks at police, with one officer reportedly saying: “This is the worst rioting I have seen in the City Centre in decades,” which highlights how quickly the violence escalated.

Eye witnesses reported floods of fans rampaging down the main streets of the city centre with the sole intention of damaging everything in their path. Cars were used as punch bags and police cautiously rallied to ensure the burnout of the riot.

One Newcastle yokel was seen punching a police horse in a vicious attack after which he was promptly taken down and arrested.

@WYPHorses: “This is Bud the morning after Newcastle, he is in the paddock and appears fine, thanks everyone for the concern”

An official statement from the police confirmed that Bud the horse is ok after an eventful day.

Wheelie bins were set alight and police were pelted with bottles as supporters stormed through the streets. The most serious incident occurred when a group of Newcastle supporters tried to confront their Sunderland counterparts at the city’s Central station. During the fracas three officers were injured and one required hospital treatment.

The Northumbria police chief superintendent, Steve Neill, said: “Disappointingly, there was some disorder involving what appear to be Newcastle United supporters following the match in the city centre, including an incident at Central Station’’.

Central Station was closed until further notice, prompted by the malicious nature of the rioters.

Staff at Newcastle train station are said to have locked their doors in an attempt to keep out trouble makers. In addition police were forced to close off Central Station Metro temporarily, but it reopened again around an hour later.

The violence came despite the authorities warning fans ahead of the match to be on their best behaviour, realizing the potentially volatile nature of this infamous fixture.

Official inquiries will take place into these incidents with CCTV evidence being gathered. Action will be taken against anyone involved in these sporadic incidents in Newcastle derby.