Stephen Graham Handed Sentence

Prof must fork out life savings as compensation to car owners.

stephen graham vandalism jesmond

The Architecture professor has been handed a nine month prison sentence, suspended for one year and was ordered to pay £28,000 in damages after his vandalism spree last summer of 24 vehicles.

Owners found their cars with words scratched on such as ‘very silly’, ‘arbitrary’ and ‘very wrong’.

The 48 year old academic had been drinking alcohol while taking medication.

A forensic psychiatrist, Don Grubin, concluded that Graham was in “a dissociative state”, however this defence failed and he was still found guilty.

Judge Guy Whitburn sympathised with Graham stating that he hoped he could resume his career and that the act was totally out of character. Nevertheless his and his wife’s life savings must be forked out to compensate the victims.

Prof Graham leaving Newcastle Crown Court

Prof Graham was said to have been in tears as he heard the verdict and many will feel the plight of the man who has undergone “profound embarrassment and shame” from this episode.

Judge Whitburn added: “I have effectively deprived you of your life savings. I just hope you are not deprived of your livelihood as well.”

We share these sentiments as we conclude our coverage of Stephen Graham’s vandalism case.