Another Vandalism Spree Damages Jesmond

Students terrorised by rock-wielding maniac on Gowan Terrace


• Students terrorised by rock-wielding maniac on Gowan Terrace
• Man arrested after targeting house and car windows

It seems that Sunday afternoons have made for busy afternoons for Northumbria Police of late, following the Liberty Quay episode.

Now a man has been arrested following a spree of assaults on houses and cars in Jesmond.

In the afternoon of Sunday 10th February, police were called to the area of Gowan Terrace in Jesmond after they received reports of a man hurling rocks at the front windows of several houses.

Police identified the man and he was detained quickly after they arrived. He smashed the windows of cars as well as living room windows, scaring many students on his way.

He was described as wearing dark clothing and unsurprisingly keeping a very low profile, without the intention to harm people. Instead, his target was property.

The motives behind his spree are unknown however it is thought by students that he has some kind of vendetta against some of the student residents in Jesmond.

One female student was actually in her living room when a rock smashed through the window and she ran upstairs out of fear. The man may have not been targeting people but he certainly struck terror into some.

The projectiles were not pebbles but full on rocks, according to Livi Reeve-Tucker, third year student and resident of Jesmond.

She passed the man and “instantly knew that there was something wrong” before she saw the sizeable rock in his hand. He was not a student as Miss Reeve-Tucker said he was an older man.

We can confirm it isn’t Stephen Graham, the lecturer-cum-car vandal who was arrested last Summer.

If you know more about this incident please contact [email protected]