Port in the act

Forget milking. After the white stuff comes the red. Porting is the latest liquid-based craze. Take a look.

Scroll down for the video.

Unless you were living under an essay-shaped rock last month, you’ll have noticed Newcastle students sparked one of the biggest internet crazes since the invention of Bebo.

But our effort, Milking, is being threatened by a new video from those poshies over in Durham.

The new craze is Porting. It sees the chaps don dress shirts and smart trousers, then pour bottle after bottle of the fortified wine over their heads.

Subway, crumby nightclubs, the Students’ Union: nowhere’s safe from the porters. The Tab counted 19 bottles. We’re looking at around £200 worth of booze here people.

The Durham effort certainly raises the stakes in the liquid-pouring contest. God knows we bloody love our Newcastle boys, but this video really is a classic.