Thank you, I Insist

A little goes a long way.

Lately, I have observed with growing frequency the serious lack of common courtesy present in and around Newcastle, most especially on campus.

Okay, so I’m not talking about grand gestures of generosity, or anything OTT… Just plain and simple, manners that I would expect five year olds to manage with more talent than some of the seemingly stuck up students, who are apparently too self-important to say a basic please or thank you now and again.

It is possible that I’m overreacting, and perhaps some people really just don’t give a shit, but every time I decide to hold a door open or strike a smile for a stranger, only to be confronted by a sullen stare on a progressively smackable face, my perception of humanity is further tainted, and I fear that soon it will become entirely black.

So, who are the perpetrators I hear you cry in dismay? Well, it should first be noted that the following judgement is based purely on a posteriori observation and personal experience, and that I am not an individual inherently inclined to make sweeping generalisations (ahem). However, it seems to me that the chief perpetrators of this perturbing issue… All bloody rahs.

So, let’s do what our ever so special society gets a hard on for and heck, let’s blame the parents. Perhaps when you’ve had everything in life presented to you on a brand-spanking new, sparkling silver platter, you become guilty of unintentionally overlooking rudimentary courtesies… You expect paupers to be polite, and don’t feel as though a return gesture is either necessary or appreciated.

I however, don’t consider this to be a valid excuse. I expect that in response to my observations, I will be accused of being bitter about or jealous of the rah/toff lifestyle. Yet contrary to this anticipated backlash, I would much rather be a penniless but decent human being than have so much money that I no longer value how I interact with other human beings.

Mummy and daddy may have bought you a horse for your sweet sixteen and a BMW mini for your oh-so-special 21st, but newsflash folks… Manners are priceless.