Holy cow! Outrage as milking goes global

Internet users predictably unimpressed by Newcastle students’ antics as international press pick up the story


Milking, the Newcastle-based sensation, caused outrage this weekend as it tore through the world’s media.

Esteemed publications home and abroad have picked up the story, which first appeared in The Tab on Thursday.

In Britain, the milkers featured in the Daily MailThe Sun, and even made it onto ITV’s Daybreak. Internationally, the story went as far afield as Australia’s Courier Mail and the UAE’s Emirates 247.

Capital FM Breakfast have also fully embraced the craze this morning as Lisa Snowdon challenged Dave Berry to milk himself!

Watch the result here:

Hilariously, the reaction from the internet has been less than complimentary, with commenters raging against the youth of today ‘wasting’ good milk.

On dailymail.co.uk, ‘Tipsy Flopsy’ said: “So this is our future. This is who may be looking after me in my old age. Goodness help us. What a waste of time, energy and money. Disgusted. How about donating the milk to less fortunate people.”

‘Hanna’ was similarly unimpressed. She said: “It pains me to see food wasted this way. Somebody has too much money to waste… Whilst studying in London there were days I couldn’t even afford milk, let alone proper food. The government rejected my application for the student loan, had to inconvenience my family and cope on my own while simultaneously studying full-time. Cut the student loans so that students appreciate food more!”

On The Sun, ‘jumist’ said: “And these idiots were probably among those who demonstrated so violently at university fees?  Most sensible students can’t afford to waste milk like this! These will most likely be the “general studies” or “how to hammer a nail into a plank of wood” brigade, who will never amount to anything anyway, and are a waste of taxpayers money!”

Helpfully, user ‘golidilocks756’ seems to have cracked the concept of the viral YouTube video: “Why don’t they jump off a cliff idiots they are doing it for attention.”

The Tab says: No shit Sherlock.