Project 722: A Heaven for Lads?

Clothes, games and babes. What more could you ask for?

gaz geordie shore gazgshore Geordie shore metro centre project 722

The secret is out Ladies and Gents! Gaz from Geordie Shore is opening a new store called Project 722, opening next Saturday in the Metro Centre.

But this is not just your customary clothes shop. Be ready to be entertained by clusters of exclusive entertainment as well as clothes. In essence he has created the ultimate haven for lads.

The notion of setting up a store comprised of fashionable clothing brands, hot girls (suspiciously similar to Jamie Laing’s ‘Candy Kittens’), popular Xbox and PS3 games including COD and the opportunity to get mortal.

“Just an expression” is the kind of arty farty slogan that will definitely appeal to a mass audience.

As mentioned above, yes, you will actually have the chance to play FIFA and COD in the shop with all day tournaments taking place each Saturday.

As if that’s not enough, in addition a cash prize of between £500-1000 can be won for the winner of the tournament which I’m sure at this time of year would be a major bonus to students and their ever depleting bank balance. That’ll stop the never ending flow of Smart Price noodles.

Prime location

Gaz has been a part of Geordie Shore since its premiere in May 2010 and he is following in a long line of reality show stars to venture into solo endeavors.

Gaz has been all over Twitter promoting the general theme of the store, including personal motives for opening his very own shop:

Pathetic grasp of the English language

It has already received substantial popularity on Twitter and through word of mouth.

There are various other perks for the public adding further fuel to the already recognized exclusive selling points as Gaz being in store every Saturday with the possibility of other members of the Geordie Shore cast making an appearance.

There will also be an online store and an ongoing competition for someone and three friends to join the staff, the girls and Gaz for their Christmas party in late December.

 The clothes

The shop will be stocking a range of tees, jeans and in the foreseeable future sneakers and trainers.

In your face branding

Brand names include Sons of heroes, AMH, Judas Sinned, Frankie, I’m a Star and Elvis Jesus will all feature.

Not many students take to the Geordie v-necks but you only need to go into town any time after 9pm to see how well they will undoubtedly sell.


Ho’way man, get yourself down on the 1st for a bit of gaming and a few worldies.

What more can you ask for?