Social Media Snippets 3

The latest installment of Newcastle’s cyber antics

Best Snogz on the D Floz

In Newcastle, snogging can be the main element to a lot of people’s nights in Newcastle, which leads to the Jesmond, or Halls walk of shame.

We’ve all been there, obviously you want to have fun with your friends and we all know that is a given but as Geordie Shore put it so elegantly “tashin’ on” is a core part of a night out in Newcastle.

This week I will be pulling (excuse the pun) the best photos from this week, best snogs on the D floor.

These girls are intimately have a cheeky little snog, I can comment they are not actually in a relationship, with comments on another photo from Social Butterfly on a Monday at Perdu.


Not in a gay way

Normally two members of the same sex kissing isn’t exactly let me say delicately put… Like these lovely boys below express. Intimacy is not the adjective I would use to describe this snog.

Following from the guide on where to sit in lectures, I have a tweet from this week. Classic, a water bottle coffee cup and maybe paracetamol packet with some nose spray if you hit digital; would confirm a pretty cray night out.

Looks like the Jesmond Try Hard is coming out of the closet, wont we all be excited for those who don’t already know who he is! Maybe an exclusive interview with The Tab Social Media?

To find any more tweets I am doing it throughout the week so follow @socialmediatab if you want any more juice from Newcastle social media scene.