Student Scots Steal Show

A look into the genius ‘I’m a Gardener’ parody by Northumbria student that the Lonely Island guys would be proud of.

dan.d.lion deadloch i'm a gardener

Have you ever pictured Kanye West filming one of his videos for a new record on a nearby farm? No?

Well after seeing this he may be having a rethink!

The outlook of gardening has now completely shifted, and instead of Alan Titchmarsh we are now calling him Alan Tinchymarsh due to market breach between the two seemingly incompatible industries.

‘I’m a Gardener’, produced by Deadloch in the dead lion beats studio is the first piece of material introducing hip-hop artists Deadloch and Dan.D.Lion, aka Ruben Partington and Tom Ross, the latter being one of our own, a current Northumbria Undergraduate.

This type of twist epitomises modern society as the use of imagination is bewildering at times whilst portraying an absolute genius touch.

Although very new to the music scene the popularity in the first couple of weeks since release is credible, gaining 2366 hits in two weeks reinforcing the likelihood of success in the emergence of this unique style.

Having spoken to the artists myself about the reasons why they started in the first place the onus was quickly pointed towards Adam Borys who was the master mind behind the whole project.

The third member of the group, seen in the video elegantly masquerading in a purple suit which the Joker would have been proud of, directed the video and was in charge of editing and cinematography.

This idea originally derived from Adam who holds a YouTube account regularly posting random and peculiar videos (Boryscreative) in his inventive ventures previously, aided the proposal of a gardener’s rap.

After the completion of the first track it resulted in an eventually production of a whole album containing 14 tracks which you can find on YouTube.

Here’s just a sneak preview of the track ‘I’m a Gardener’:

‘’I’m an expert gardener, out standing in my field,
Grow tomatoes like a boss, always get a high yield.
I cruise in my mower with my hoe up front,
Who gets used so much that her edge is blunt
But I don’t want you thinking I’m a one-girl guy,
I got a bitch in the kitchen cooking shepherd’s pie.
I got chicks out back; in fact I’ve got a flock,
And you better believe me that they love my cock’’

Download the full album here.

The first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond gave a ‘I’m a Gardener’ a cheeky retweet since it went viral, which shows its rapidly gaining recognition.

The aim in the future for Deadloch and Dan D lion is to perform at the Edinburgh fringe festival 2013 as they are in the process of writing a hip-opera, watch this space.