Desserts Delivered

Desserts Delivered: magic delivered straight to your doorstep.

desserts delivered newcastle takeaway

One of the most unique takeaway services available and it’s right on your doorstep. Introducing Desserts Delivered.

Feast your eyes

Cheesecakes, candy, brownies and pies are just a tiny slither of DD’s extensive American desserts menu designed to treat your tastebuds.

Many of you “in the know” Tab readers will have already heard of the exciting new brand and in the run up to Christmas everyone needs to be working on their Winter bodies, a service these guys can provide with pleasure.

Mint Aero brownies

Tony Dee, founder of Desserts Delivered, saw a gap in the market of takeaways when he set it up this year.

People don’t just want a sloppy burger and chips

“Sometimes if your sitting with a group of friends or family in the evening you may want to experience a cheesecake or a nice slice of banoffee pie. This is why I started desserts delivered as I thought there was a gap in the market and service like this would be great!”

He adds “I’m overwhelmed by how popular it is and I’m so happy everyone is enjoying our award winning cakes and brownies.”

As committed journalists we forced ourselves to sample some of the mouthwatering American style delights, (we have it tough).

Really really ridiculously good looking

Our favourite was the Ferrero Rocher cheesecake. A delicate touch of deliciousness on top of a flavoursome and smooth cheesecake, perfect with a glass of milk in the evening!





So get your orders in and experience the sensation that is Desserts Delivered. Everyone needs a treat from time to time and so we’re going to help you out a little too. The kind bunch at DD have a lot of time for The Tab and are running an offer just for you:

Make an order and quote TABOFFER and you will receive a treat free of charge courtesy of Desserts Delivered.

Visit their website here and have a gander at their facebook page and see their menu.