The Tab Tries: Hangover Cure

I tried a bytox hangover prevention patch and here is the long awaited verdict.

bytox hangover cure patches

After Googling ‘hangover cures’ every morning after, finally there was a result. The cure for the never ending problem we all face, the cure for a hangy-o. have just days ago started selling the New York based product Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch in the UK and Amazon have followed suit.

Dr. Leonard Grossman, the man behind the patches, claims his product delivers B vitamins, acai berry, vitamins A, D, E and K and folic acid continuously to the bloodstream as opposed to those from a pill which are lost when you break the seal.

One patch to rule them all

Needless to say I got my hands on 10 for £25.00 which, if they worked, would be outstanding value for money. They arrived yesterday and myself, a friend and his mother slapped them on and started bahoozing hard (legend) to ensure it was a fair test.

Always wear protection

The patches aim to replenish vitamins and acids (as well as a good dose of acai berry) while you drink in a bid to significantly reduce the effects of alcohol.

One user reported that she drank nine or ten martinis and it “worked great”.


The verdict no one wanted to hear: it did not work so well for ourselves. Unfortunately I sit here writing this under a duvet watching a crap British horror and it’s postmeridian.

I planned to do an hour by hour account of how I am feeling but this sums up my morning and rest of the day I think.


I don’t regret trying the bytox patches and I shall continue to buy any hangover cure a smug American doctor endorses. Next time I will wear two or possibly three and hope for  the best.

It is good publicity for the cause and hopefully people will start taking more notice of the illness, but unfortunately this time I’ll be paying for my alcohol abuse.