Fans bash the Bishop

Comedian John Bishop harassed by fans at Café Royal last week

League of Their Own star John Bishop dropped by Café Royal last week and caused a frenzy on the top floor.

He sat in the corner, undoubtedly seeking a measure of peace and seclusion.

But within minutes people were shamelessly abandoning their lunches and descending upon him for autographs and photos.

Shameless snapping

He sought refuge in a phone call, but even that couldn’t throw off the most determined of Café Royal’s amateur paparazzi!

One fawning  positioned himself uncomfortably close to Mr. Bishop’s table, waited for him to finish the conversation (which he was clearly reluctant to do), and then sat in the vacant chair opposite whilst slamming a blank piece of scrap paper down for autographing. He also addressed “John” on first-name terms. What good friends they must have been…

Eyewitness: Ryan Weeks

I thought I would handle the situation more professionally than the other fans.

Reluctant to intrude on Bishop’s lunch, my girlfriend took a subtle side-on snap of the comedian. Following suit, I attempted a side-on picture of my own, disastrously failing to realise that I had left the flash on.

John was momentarily blinded by a point-blank photo-flash, in which time I managed to whip the phone away under the table and stare guiltily into the depths of my soup.

So much for playing it cool.

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