Promoters still immoral

A highly regarded investigative journalist from The Tab reveals the disgraceful deeper truths behind Newcastle’s pest pandemic.

newcastle promoters up yours

They are university’s most loathed people: the so called ‘promoters’ who have sold their soul to steal a few bob from their own ‘friends’ which should be going to the hard working bar and door staff.

It’s unclear exactly what ‘promoters’ do, but based on the number of spotty faced chumps driving Range Rovers in their snap backs with haircuts from eccentric stylists they must be making money.

A ‘top promoter’

It would appear that these people use the free medium of Facebook to spam their ‘friends’ – who you would think were all planning on going to the same venue anyway – to come to a club which they don’t own so they can take their money. Disgusting.

It would appear that tables can be bought at these venues and your average price for a table is £30 (if you’re not popular enough in their eyes to have one free), and further investigation reveals deeper lying issues.

When I tried to buy a table this week I rang both phone numbers on the event page and no one picked up. The absence of office hours on the page made me think I could ring at anytime but I was therefore disappointed to receive no reply.

Secondly, the tables cannot be bought, as club bouncers will stop you taking your new purchase out of the club.

On top of this, at a price of £30 the tables you are actually renting for an extortionate £10/hour from these ‘promoters’ do not even have power sockets nearby.

If you are going to rent a table at that price the least you would expect is to be able to do some work on your laptop (there’s no wifi anyway).

Better value

I would recommend buying a table at IKEA, they are a more reasonable £25 and are genuinely yours for life.

Further investigation revealed an employee of another popular night ‘promoters’ received just £10 for three and a half hours work – well below minimum wage – despite the fact the worker is believed to have mild learning difficulties.

The third year student (who requested anonymity) stated “I received just £10 for three and a half hours flyering in a freezing cow-field. How dare they think they can get away with this kind of exploitation? There’s nothing I can do though as I need the money”.

A spokesman for the night responded to these allegations and said “I don’t know why you have targeted our night. They are all the same!” That’s not what their Facebook page says, they say it’s one of a kind.

Watch this space and join the campaign.

If you have any stories of exploitation to report, please e-mail [email protected] and your experience will be kept anonymous.