DIY Halloween

Having trouble with the annual nightmare that is Halloween fancy dress? Here’s some ideas you can use


Fancy dress. . . it’s a pain in the arse, isn’t it? Everyone hates it, apart from the smug bitch in the great costume. Well this year, you could be that unlovable soul, thanks to The Tab’s handy guide. Here’s a few suggestions…


The Lego Man

Hallowe’en long ago stopped being about scary outfits, so don’t worry if you aren’t frightened of this frankly adorable piece of nostalgia.

This outfit takes a lot of effort to look good, but you’ll get a lot of love all night.

Choose if: You want everyone to think you are much nicer than you really are.
Difficulty level: 9/10
Time and money: 24 hours, £40
How to do it


The unzipped face

Not since Bill Clinton got blozzed by Monica Lewinsky has an undone zip sparked such shock.

This costume is pretty quick and easy, and the effect is utterly revolting. Also, it’s only on your face, so you are free to wear what you want. Alternatively, take the joke too far and have the zip run down your whole body.

Choose if: You’re not planning on pulling.
Difficulty level: 4/10
Time and money: Two hours, £15
How to do it (tutorial is in video description).



The childbirth

Didn’t think the others were scary enough? How about this…

I think we can all agree this is a bit much. But if your the kind of sick individual who wants to spend four hours building a fake amneotic sack, then here’s how.

Choose if: You want to spend your night/life talking about your costume.
Difficulty level: 10/10
Time and money: 20 hours, £25
How to do it


The Gangnam style

Let’s just be clear on this. If you wear this outfit, you are a bell end. No getting round it.

However rubbish or offensive other people’s outfits are, you’re still the person who took ‘this autumn’s craze’ way too far.

Choose if: You’re the sort of person who finds it really funny to do the most cringe thing possible.
Difficulty level: 1/10
Time and money: 4 hours, £20
How to do it

The sheep shagger

This is pretty easy to do and the result is everyone thinks you are quite funny.

The downside is a) it only really works if you are male and b) you have to hobble around with your pants round your ankles.

Choose if: You play rugby
Difficulty level: 5/10
Time and money: 2 hours, £20


The baby in carrier

Terrify and delight your friends in equal measure, by ripping the head off a doll and putting yours in its place.

The pay-off between effort and kudos is big here, although the costume is unlikely to last the night.

Choose if: 
Difficulty level: 4/10
Time and money: 1 hour, £15