No Regrets?

We all have an opinion. Some people don’t remember it and some people do it as a publicity stunt. It’s the ridicule of a bizarre tattoo!

no regrets tattoos

Tattoos can be seen as a symbolic gesture which intensifies love of a relative or commemorates a momentous occasion that an individual wants to treasure…… on the other hand they can just be a complete and utter blunder, but you can always use the excuse that you were either high or drunk. If you weren’t, you should have been.

People love to express their “originality” by tattooing really beautiful things on their bodies. Unfortunately it often doesn’t translate onto the body.

Here is a compilation of people who should have put the needle down as soon as they got in the chair. These images comprise the worst tattoos I’ve seen whilst on campus or during nights out in the ‘Toon’ of late.

Funnily enough most people featured here were unsurprisingly found in Sinners.

Anything but a sore loser


Exhibit A

Brilliant example of a man unable to fulfil his own arrogance having been beaten comprehensively on Fifa and his excuse may be like 99% of us after a suffering loss: blame it on luck, whereas in hindsight he probably did get spanked. Nonetheless a strong effort.



Schoolboy error

Exhibit B

He’s a mate so I’ll let him off everyone deserves a second chance, the lovely notion of marking your body with the initials of an ex. Silly boy.



Exhibit C

The right idea, but poor execution. The asymmetry is a real eyesore.



Consult a psychiatrist immediately


Exhibit D

Why someone thought it was a good idea to have an injured Fry from Futurama wishing good luck is beyond me. Insanity in its purest form ladies and gents.

Walking around Uni there will be many occasions when you catch a glimpse of someone’s tattoo and actually think to yourself “is my mind playing tricks on me”, yet you decide against this thought and consciously give the person the benefit of the doubt, the purpose behind this article was to expose the shocking, peculiar and the downright weird expression of artwork.

In recent years, tattoos have also become a fashion accessory, a trend fueled by sports players, bands, celebrities and even Pokémon characters.

Tattoos are more creative and varied, applied in many cases by serious, highly skilled body artists and these examples emphasis the skill and architectural ability that tattooists possess but simultaneously it takes a very innovative person to even come up with the original idea.

Use your imagination, you stay classy Newcastle!