Thousands spent policing Jesmond

Nearly £40,000 spent by universities in three years to combat student antics

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Tyneside’s two major universities have spent £36,000 over the last three years on police patrols in the student suburb.

Newcastle spends £8,000 a year on the project while Northumbria, who previously paid £4,000 annually, will contribute the same next year.

The money is used to help police crack down on the thousands of student-based complaints they receive every year.

The scheme being invested in is called Operation Oak.

Police send dedicated officers to the streets from 10pm to 4am to stop antisocial behaviour.

Patrolling Osborne Road

Students can be arrested but are normally disciplined by their university, with punishments ranging from a warning to being thrown off your course.

The antics of some has caused a constant tension within the Jesmond community as well as other popular student areas.

Last year 19.2% of the cities 7,000 noise complaints came from students – who make up 14% of the population.

Over 30% came from the student-crowded Jesmond and Heaton.

With these schemes in place and fines starting at £200 for noise complaints, house parties may become a thing of the past.

The Northumbria Police website has said that the scheme has led to a reduction in anti-social behaviour and noise complaints, as well as the appreciation of long-term residents.

If you have been victim of a noise complaint and have been punished by the University/police or have received a ridiculous complaint from a neighbour then comment below or get in touch.