Gaelic Football’s “First Social”

The first Gaelic football social, (as the ‘i’ word has been banned), always promised to be special and an anonymous fresher gave us a brief account: we weren’t disappointed.

chundertown gaelic football social

“The first training session itself ran largely as expected, with introductions to the rules and introductory games being the order of the day. The first post-training social however was a little more off the cuff, as the team travelled to a house in Jesmond to begin the evenings entertainment.

All new members were required to bring a bottle of “Buckfast,” a fortified tonic wine not intended for mass consumption.

Nevertheless, all were required to down a glass, resulting in three people taking a trip to the much frequented ‘Chundertown.’

However, the fun didn’t end there for some as those who finished 1st, 2nd and last in the competition were guaranteed a “surprise.” This surprise turned out to be one of Newcastle’s finest overweight strippers who revealed a particularly saggy ‘pair’ to the lucky winners…the high levels of intoxication making this a fantastic experience for all.

The fun continued as the Gaelic boys headed into town to Sam Jacks and the Play Social at the Union…presumably to pursue women only slightly less attractive than the surprise visit to Jesmond earlier in the evening.”



Other AU sports are invited to report on their first “social”. As you can see identities are kept anonymous.