Tab Tries: Josef Meier’s

Always tackling major issues, we’re sampling bizarre and exciting things you may be too scared to try. This week we tried a dodgy liqour.

josef meier tab tries

With similar packaging to Jägermeister, a similar herbal liqour with, well almost identical packaging, it seems Josef Meier’s advertising team are more than aware of their strategy and competition.

Let’s get to the details first. Jägermeister is £18 in Asda, whereas Josef Meier’s is only £11.87 for the same 70cl bottle.

Josef Meier’s has an alcohol content of 30%, whereas Jägermeister is 35%. Think of this as a good thing, meaning you should easily be able to finish a whole bottle without having the danger of drinking too much of one bottle of Jägermeister. It makes life a lot easier.
It is self-described as a secret recipe of selected herbs and spices, which produces a ‘smooth taste’ which is apparently desirable to all.

Hesitant as I was after Asda suggested that people who like Josef Meier’s also like ‘Ouzo’ and ‘Dooley’s Toffee Liqueur’ I embarked on my challenge to get drunk purely off Josef Meier’s.

My first piece of advice is to not smell it. It might take a bit more courage than you can have to then proceed to drink afterwards.

My second piece of advice is that ice is not optional.

So, if you dive right in there without smelling it and use some ice I can honestly say that Josef Meier’s does have a rather nice smooth taste to it. The resemblance to Jägermeister is uncanny, and tastes actually quite pleasant.

Who knows….Maybe we will soon be saying , ‘ I really should not have had that one last ‘Jo-Bomb’

Tab Rating 4/5*