Tributes paid to Pippa Darlington

Friends have paid tribute to Pippa Darlington, who was tragically killed in a car crash in Morrocco in September.

pippa darlington tribute

Friends have paid tribute to Newcastle University student Pippa Darlington, who was tragically killed in a car crash in Morrocco in September.

Her sister Tara, 23, also died in the crash and their close friend, 21-year-old Josh Stump was seriously injured and is now recovering in hospital in the UK.

The three friends had been travelling through Morocco and Western Sahara in what their parents said was supposed to be ‘the adventure of a lifetime’. It was on the return trip back towards Europe, whilst driving their Toyota Hilux 4×4, that the vehicle was involved in a collision.

In a moving funeral service held last week in the girls’ home town of Whiteparish, Salisbury, readings and tributes were given by close friends and family, including the girls’ father and 15-year-old brother Oscar.

Paying tribute to their daughters, their parents Patrick and Emma said: “They were two of the most beautiful, dynamic, energetic and fun-loving girls who brought light and laughter to whoever met them. 

“They made a difference to so many lives and they lit up every room on entering.

“This trip was to be an adventure of a lifetime for which they had planned, worked hard and saved together for months to be able to do.”

Over 30 of Pippa’s friends from Newcastle travelled to Wiltshire for the service. The Church was full, as was the marquee, which had been set up along side it to cope with the hundreds of people who had travelled from around the country to pay their respects.

Pippa was due to return to Newcastle University to complete her final year studying Law and was a resident of 46 Queens Road, Jesmond.

The Tab asked for a tribute from Zoe Mackinnon, Pippa’s best friend and housemate: “Pippa was the most beautiful and unique girl I have ever met. I feel privileged to have known and been so close to her for the past two years since coming to university.”

Zoe added: “Pippa was an irreplaceable and very special friend to me and I will always look back on the good times and smile.”

Pippa and her sister will be sorely missed by all of those who knew her but never forgotten. Her positivity and fun loving attitude was an inspiration to us all.

In the words of her father, the two sisters were “the brightest of stars – burnt out in their prime”.