Hero fresher raises over £500 shaving his head for charity

‘I just wanted to do my bit’


An inspiring Napier student has raised almost £600 for a cancer charity by shaving his hair off. 

Marc Morris made the decision to go bald after a close family member was diagnosed with the disease.

The Business Management student has so far raised £565 for the Macmillan Cancer Support. He said: “I just wanted to be able to do my bit, I thought of donating some money or volunteering but I thought my head would give people a shock as they know my hair was so precious to me!”

“It also seemed like a good idea as other people could sponsor me, so more money could be raised than I could afford to donate on my own.”

And to the fella over there with the hella good hair

And to the fella over there with the hella good hair



The 19-year-old added: “‘My hair was my life! Styling my strange quiff every day was a routine that I had grown to love.

“I have so many putties, hair dyes, waxes, gels and clays sitting in my room that are just waiting for my precious locks to grow back!”

Marc has so fair raised over five times his original target. He said: “My original target was £100, but we are at £565 so far and I’m completely overwhelmed with that! I’m just so happy that we have managed to raise any money at all, let alone over £500.”

“I’ve not got another target in mind, but I’m thinking about setting up a monthly direct debit to Macmillan, just to kind of pay them back for the support they’ll be giving my family and for the support they’ve given to so many people.”

And Marc’s peers have been nothing but supportive of his shiny new do. He said: “I photoshopped a photo of an egg next to me from a club photo and people found it amusing.”

'Egg Head Marc'

‘Egg Head Marc’

The plucky teenager hasn’t let his baldness stop him pulling. He said: “My bald head has been licked by a lot of people, especially in hive – but it’s helped with the pulling.

“I’ve not been out too much since the shaving due to the cold weather and my cold wee head but two guys seems to be the average pull number!”


But for all the laughs, Marc is still very conscious of why he chose to shave his head in the first place: “If I could say one thing to someone that is trying to cope with cancer, it’s just to get the facts.

“Once you know where the person affected stands and you are aware of what’s ahead, it makes the whole treatment process a whole lot easier as you sort of know what to expect.

“It doesn’t make the pain or worry go away, but it gives you a target to look forward to – sort of a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I think the only thing people can do to help is just to be aware of the signs and symptoms and just make sure they get anything worrying checked out asap.

“Finding cancer early saves lives and the last thing we need is for more people to be lost to this terrible illness.”

Click here to donate by visiting Marc’s JustGiving page.